Asteroid 2000SG344 ESA Highest Risk #4 - Track live*!

Asteroid 2000 SG344 holds the 4th position on the European Space Agency (ESA) Risk List for Near-Earth Asteroids. It is part of the group called Aten Asteroids, which have orbits aligned very closely to Earth's orbit. Many of the 1452 Aten Asteroids are classified as Potentially Hazardous, with 2000SG344 listed as particularly hazardous. It is predicted to have a chance of impace sometime midway through this century. It's relatively small at 50m, which is about twice the size of the Chelyabinsk meteor that exploded over Russia in 2013.

Where is Asteroid 2000 SG344 now?

Currently 2000SG344 is --,---,--- (--,---,---) from earth, racing through the solar system at --,--- (--,---, --) . It is 19,324,670 (12,007,793) from the spot where it will rendezvous with earth. It is getting - (-) closer to earth every second.

Since midnight last night it got 531,068 km (331,917 mi) closer Since you started looking at this page it got 0 km (0 mi) closer

Asteroid 2000SG344

Will it hit or miss Earth?

Asteroid 2000SG344 has about a 1 in 400 chance of hitting earth sometime after 2062. It travels around the sun in almost exactly the same time as Earth, 353 days versus Earth's 365 days. This means that we have regular chances of observing the asteroid to reassess the Earth-impact risk of this Near Earth Object.

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Photo Credit and other: NASA, ESO/S. Brunier


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