Where is 2018LA? Track impact!

2018LA was only discovered hours before impact on earth. The asteroid's size is 3.8m. When asteroids like this have a collision with Earth it can cause damage, depending on the size.

Where is asteroid 2018LA now?

Space in 3D Web App (simulation starting 30 seconds before impact)

It's currently 61,185 km (38,019 mi) from earth, travelling at a speed of 46,792 km/h (29,075 mph) Every second it gets () closer to us. In other words, it's travelling at incredible speed.

2018 LA was not discovered until just before impact in Botswana. Local observers reported a bright fireball. Footage of a security camera is below.

Asteroid Meteor 2018LA impact

When will meteor 2018LA hit earth?

It will collide with earth on Sun, Jun 3, 2018, which is - days and - hours from now.

Theoretically a meteor impact should only happen once or twice a century. The reality is however that given the incompleteness of the near-Earth-object (NEO) catalogue, an impact could occur at any time. There are thousands of NEOs larger than 140m still to be found.

See the impact with a farm in Botswana, Africa:

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Photo Credit and other: NASA, ESO/S. Brunier


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