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Have you ever wanted to decide the name for a planet? Astronomers have now opened voting for a new planet to the public. In 2007 a new minor planet was discovered. It was given the unexciting name 2007OR10 (225088) and that needs to change. The planet is orbiting the sun just beyond Neptune and is the largest body in the solar system without a name. Voting details below.

Where is 2007 OR10 now?

It's currently --,---,--- (--,---,---) from Earth. The speed of 2007 OR10 (225088) is ---,--- (--,---) relative to Earth

The minor planet measures 1250 km (750 mi) in diameter and has one moon. A day at the surface of the planet lasts 22 hours. It was discovered on 17th July 2007 by astronomers WikiSchwamb, Brown and Rabinowitzpedia, but was subsequently found on earlier observatory images as early as 1985. It's orbit places it in the Kuiper belt.

At first the astronomers nicknamed the planet "Snow White", but subsequently found out it is actually red. This is due to small amounts of Methane at the surface.

2007 OR10 Earth Moon size comparison

Public vote - open now!

Several names for (225088) 2007 OR10 have been proposed. After the vote the new name will be submitted to the Minor Planet Centre and the International Astronomical Union (IAU).Proposed names are Gonggong, Holle and Vili. Alternatively Twitter users have suggested Plu-two, Of the Apes and Worldy McWorldface.

You can cast your vote here.

Voting closes 11:59 pm PDT on May 10,2019

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