Asteroid Bennu: Where is Bennu? Live* tracker!

Bennu’s size is 492m. When asteroids like this have a collision with Earth it can cause potentially huge damage, depending on the size. The United States currently has a Spacecraft at Bennu. OSIRIS-REx is orbiting Bennu at the moment, and plans to take a sample back of the asteroid to earth for analysis.

But where is asteroid Bennu right now?

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It’s currently --,--- from us, travelling at a speed of --,--- relative to us. Every second it gets --,--- --,---.

Since midnight last night, it has travelled --,---. Since you started looking at this page it has travelled --,---.

  • Asteroid Bennu

When will meteor Bennu hit earth?

It will hopefully fly by earth on Sun, Sep 25, 2135, which is about 41,000 days from now. Current predictions have is pass within 367,353 km of earth, which is 1x the distance to the moon. The chance of hitting earth is set at 1 in 2,700. The odds seem to be in our favour, but if the predictions are wrong, the 79 billion kilogram space rock called Bennu could hit earth in a giant collision.

Theoretically a meteor impact should only happen once or twice a century. The reality is however that given the incompleteness of the near-Earth-object (NEO) catalogue, an impact could occur at any time. There are thousands of NEOs larger than 140m still to be found.

*This Interactive 3D Simulation is built on data provided by NASA JPL HORIZONS database for solar system objects and International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center. Distances and speeds are estimates based on this data.

Photo Credit and other: NASA, ESO/S. Brunier, NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI, NASA/JPL-Caltech, JAXA, University of Tokyo & collaborators, UH/IA, Solar System Scope/INOVE CC BY 4.0, Wikipedia/Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License,, Péter Eke, NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona/Roman Tkachenko, Wikimedia Commons, Hayabusa 2 Arrival illustration by Akihiro Ikeshita (permission granted), oNline Web Fonts, Font Awesome, Galaxy vector created by stories –

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